Starting from Zero.

Business Journeys of Successful Self-Funded Founders.

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Max Breckbill

Hi, I'm Max, community builder, bootstrapper, crossfit nerd, & US expat here in Berlin Germany.

Every week I interview successful self-funded Founders in Ecommerce, SaaS, Digital Product, Productized Service, and other Internet Businesses to learn how they Started From Zero, and how you can too.

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032: From High-school Dropout to Productized Email-Marketing Service
This episode’s a bit different. We start off talking about business, John’s story and email marketing, but wax philosophical on[...]
031: Cracking the SEO Code with Brian Dean
Brian Dean is the founder of, one of the web's premier resources for understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) -[...]
030: Sales Funnels and Online Marketing Tools with Stephen Esketzis
According to Stephen Esketzis every business is at its core a Sales Funnel. In this episode we explore how Stephen[...]
029: How built a 7-figure subscription software company in 1 year
Shane Melaugh is Owner/Co-Founder of ThriveThemes, a 35 employee, 7-figure turnover international software company. But the story isn't quite that simple..[...]
028: 5 million users in 5 years
Amir Salihefndic is a passionate builder of digital products... starting with a spell-checker app which he sold for $10k back[...]
027: From Solopreneur to Entrepreneur with Virtual Employees from the Philippines
John Jonas is a serial entrepreneur in the internet space. He’s built all sorts of online businesses, from affiliate sites,[...]
026: From Broke in Bali to Online Coaching to Upper-6-figures with Info Products
Sai Blackbyrn is founder of doubleyourdatabase, a humming online business-model that combines automated online trainings with “done-for-you” marketing services to[...]
025: The Authority Hacker’s Path To Passive-Income
Gaël Breton is a traffic generation and monetization ninja... he consistently finds the most direct and systematic path to building sleek and[...]
024: From $100k in Drop-Shipping to $30million in Ecommerce & Manufacturing
Joel Lederhause started in 1997 almost by accident, after buying 10 industrial ramps on his credit card. After failing to[...]

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