004: Content Marketing for Ecommerce Traffic with Robin Pratap

What does the future of Ecommerce look like if you’re GREAT at CONTENT?

0-80k unique views/month… in under 1 year.

Starting with 1 yoga mat for sale, and €500 in the bank, Robin Pratap of asanayoga.de exploded his online shop’s organic traffic with an extremely aggressive content marketing strategy.

Whether you’re a blogger, an ecommerce shop owner, or a digital publishing aficionado, you’ll find Robin’s content marketing story inspiring and informative.

Listen to Learn:

  • What Bootstrapping a content-driven ecommerce store looks like
  • Why BIG failures are great for your business
  • How content marketing boosts performance marketing
  • Why 30-50 man-hours of content marketing per week is a good investment
  • Tips on how to promote your content
  • Where to find good content marketing employees


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