007: Social Entrepreneurship and Experimentation with Thomas Jakel

Thomas graduated with a business degree and NO CLUE about how to actually BUILD a business.
So, he jumped in and immediately made 2 of the most basic mistakes of bootstrapping.

  1. He spent 3 months writing a business plan without actually DOING anything
  2. He then opened an LLC without any idea of what the business was going to be

But then he got wise, joined an experienced friend in his business, and got his first lifestyle business, strandschicht.de off the ground.

Today, he’s involved in several Social Business projects, including

  • EcoToiletten.de an ecological, portable toilet rental business which gives 25% of its profits to sanitation projects in the developing world
  • Guts For Change, a fundraising initiative for clean sanitation in India (includes a bicycle & hitchhking trip from Berlin to India
  • And his next project Generation Y Founders, which trains new founders to launch and scale their own profitable online businesses

Listen to Learn:

  • How to not take yourself too seriously
  • How teaching entrepreneurship can accelerate your business learning
  • Why to embrace Non-Perfectionism & Experimentation in bootstrapping
  • How to quickly use the “Video Test” to establish interest in your idea
  • How your business often winds up being an expression of who you are


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