008: Growing an Ecommerce Fashion Store w/ Yan Liang of Happiness Boutique

Yan Liang started Happiness Boutique back in 2013, on the side next to her corporate marketing  job.

The early days building this Ecommerce store were grueling…full-time weekends and nights in addition to the day job. The store just didn’t seem to be taking off

Finally, just as they were about to throw in the towel, the market started to notice their hard-work, and orders picked up.

Today, the business is alive and thriving. They’ve been incredibly successful with building up an active Instagram Channel, and the business serves 1000s of customers per month.

Listen to Learn:

  • Persevering through hard times
  • How to spot “on-trend” fashion items
  • Happiness Boutique’s Content Strategy
  • How to launch a successful Instagram Channel (116k active followers today)
  • Why experimentation & rapid implementation are essential


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