009: Consultant to Product to Platform with Conrad Wadowski

Transitioning from selling your time to selling a product is a challenge for many in the consulting profession.

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Conrad Wadowski to get the play-by-play of how he bootstrapped from consulting, to a successful product (GrowHack), to finally going all in on a software platform startup (Fedora).

If you’re looking for the blueprint for going from zero to $50K  monthly course sales & beyond, listen to this episode.

Listen to Learn:

  • A hack for getting Fortune 500 Executives to answer your calls
  • How to generate leads with free online education
  • Why building a community around your profession is critical
  • The “sacrificial lamb” technique for rapid list-growth
  • The #1 metric which correlates to online course virality
  • How to get paid while building your 1st info-product
  • Thoughts on going “all-in” and prioritizing


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