011: From VC Startupper to Serial Bootstrapper

Johannis Hatt is a serial entrepreneur who has Co-Founded and taken 3 out of his 4 ventures to 7-figure revenues and beyond.

He got his first startup venture off the ground back in 2008 with the launch of My Printing GmbH, a venture-backed monetization service for social networks that had a big photo-sharing component. They hit the 7-figure mark within 2 years, and while that business was a success (and growing strong today), Johannis decided to bootstrap his next venture.

ProductsUp.io has been an incredibly successful SaaS company, most notably in pre-selling its services to large corporations such as Adobe and Marin Software.

Listen to learn:

  • What prompted the shift from venture to bootstrapped businesses
  • The My Printing GmbH story
  • The ProductsUp story
  • Making the shift from Agency to SaaS
  • How to pre-sell a SaaS to Corporations like Adobe and Marin Software
  • Key mindset shifts over 7 years of entrepreneurship


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