012: Building an Empowered Company Culture with Malte Warczinski

Malte’s founding story is unique on several levels. He got together with 6 other friends, they had their first client 1 month before they officially founded, they were profitable from the first day of business, and today, 10 months later, they have 36 employees and offices in 3 countries and growing.

Empaua (previously Uberforce) is a salesforce consulting agency that focuses exclusively on startups, and which has the additional aim of redefining how companies work. Hierarchies are very flat at Empaua, employees choose their own salaries, the business and development units work very closely together, and anyone in the company is empowered to make significant decisions. And in a few weeks, they’ll be implementing the Holacracy system of company management.

Listen to Learn:

  • How Empaua is rethinking organizational decision making
  • How Empaua employees choose their own salaries
  • How they acquired their first customer before founding
  • How to sell when you’re under pressure
  • How flatter hierarchies deliver better customer results
  • How Empaua is transitioning from the agency model to products
  • Benefits of founding with friends
  • Why Empaua is focused specifically on startups
  • Why its important to acquire clients you actually want to work with




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