013: From English Teacher to Location Independent Course Creator

Shayna’s journey started off with a Fulbright grant to study in Brazil. She fell in love with the culture (as well as a local), and moved back to teach english.

But teaching english isn’t very lucrative in Brazil. At one point she calculated out her hourly rate, and found she was making just over $3/hour. So, she started slowly teaching online, by creating short little english lesson posts based on the lessons she was teaching anyway.

The first post went live January 2012. Today, she has 300k monthly visitors to her site, 60k students, 15 courses, and a business that can support her and her husband pretty much anywhere in the world they choose to live.

Listen to Learn:

  • How Shayna transitioned from offline english teaching to online courses
  • The 1 hour/day blogging strategy she used to grow her site to 300k monthly visitors
  • How she built her email list
  • How she pre-sold and created her first online course
  • What to do when your first online product crashes and burns
  • The value of iterative steps
  • How to be entrepreneurial for the risk averse
  • Her strategy for dealing with email
  • Your greatest business asset in online business


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