014: Bootstrapping Sustainable Products

Gabrielle Lods has always had a passion for sustainability, and after reading the Four Hour Work Week, decided to start working on her own product. After a thorough analysis, she discovered a interesting opportunity that ticked all of her boxes – social impact, sustainability, location independent, etc – and Sustainabum, a sustainable diaper manufacturing venture, was born.

She first started working on the company on the side in 2012, then took advantage of a convenient corporate restructuring and went full-time 1.5 years later. After 1 more year, she was able to live 100% from her company, and today Sustainabum ships globally and has replaced more than 270k disposable diapers, saving approximately 50tons of waste.

Listen to Learn:

  • How bootstrapping fits into the swiss mindset
  • How the idea for Sustainabum came about
  • The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when planning physical product businesses
  • How to keep your sanity as an entrepreneur


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