015: Monetizing Expertise Online with Grant Weherley

Grant started his bootstrapping career in his hometown of Lexington Kentucky with building online courses as side projects. After a few months of running these courses on the side, he realized the potential of these courses to become a real business.

Today he has over 8,000 students on Udemy, and, in addition to his own courses, works with other experts to help them monetize their expertise online.

Listen to Learn:

  • Why online courses are trending right now
  • The biggest step beginner course makers make
  • What Udemy is great for (and what its not so great for)
  • The key difference between teaching live and running online courses
  • How to use your webinar series as an online course MVP
  • Staying focused while traveling
  • Grant’s strategies and routines for learning faster
  • The importance of choosing a course topic you’re actually interested in


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