016: Scaling Psychotherapy Online with Digital Products


Yevgeni Zolotorevski

When Yevgeni started his Psychotherapy practice in London in the early 2000s, he loved the work. But after seeing 15+ patients/week, back to back for several years, he was on the edge of total burnout.

He took a break for a few months, and realized that a business that stops generating revenues when he stopped working, was not ideal. Over the next few months he transformed his expertise into an infoproduct with the help of Eben Pagan’s course “The Guru Blueprint”, and today he runs a mid-6-figure business selling a combination of online courses and online therapy.


  • Transitioning from  Post-Soviet Estonia to Entrepreneurship
  • How to find “your style” of marketing
  • High-level masterminds – what actually happens
  • Entrepreneur vs CMO responsibilities
  • Why doing what you do best and outsourcing the rest is good for your business
  • “There is no magic in switching businesses”
  • 5 tips for therapists & consultants who want to switch to products
  • Why its important to test your ideas BEFORE you fall in love with them


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