018: 0-$20 Million in 7 Years, 0-20k Users in 7 Months

Tim Fargo’s numbers speak for themselves.

He launched his first serious venture in 1996 – an “offline” business built around investigating insurance fraud. Over 7 years he grew the company, Omega Insurance Services, from a 3 man team in his 2nd bedroom, to a $20million company with over 300 employees, culminating in a 1x sale.

Today, he’s back to software solutions, and has bootstrapped his newest SaaS side project, TweetJukebox, from 0-20k users in 7 months with minimal investment.

Talking with Tim was refreshing. As it turns out, the fundamentals of good business are still the same as the were 20 years ago, and his experience as an entrepreneur who scaled and sold a Human Resource based business, but is also in the SaaS business, affords him a unique perspective.

Listen to Learn:

  • How Tim failed at his first software venture (in 1986!)
  • His experience scaling Omega Insurance Services to $20 million revenue
  • The difference between growing a business for yourself, and growing a business to sell a business
  • The only thing you REALLY need to be successful as an entrepreneur
  • Why “energy conservative” entrepreneurs are more successful in the long run
  • The degree to which you should let passion dictate which business you go into
  • How he dealt with a huge cash-flow crunch
  • How he got sued for $10 million by his former employers


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Maew Prasunnakarn - October 30, 2015 Reply

Amazing story,the simply way that make business happen is the way we meet in life every day and see it as opportunity to business,that is the great point, begin with the idea when you cut the grass that was amazing until you success.
Congratulation with you Tim..:-)

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