About Max Breckbill and Starting from Zero

Everyone Started from Zero.

In this world of “overnight success”, its an easy thing to forget.

The Starting From Zero Podcast features bootstrappers - self-made entrepreneurs who are on the upswing of their journey. They’re just starting to get major traction with their ideas and businesses, but can still remember what early days looked like.

SFZ interviews share their stories, tackle mindset, motivation and strategy, as well as the nitty-gritty, actionable, "how-to" details of how they got started.

You won’t find better examples of WHAT REALLY WORKS in the realm of Internet Business anywhere.

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About Max Breckbill

Starting from Zero is founded and hosted by Max Breckbill, a connector and event organizer for the bootstrapped founder scene.

Max specializes in building Masterminds for self-funded founders and bootstrappers.

When he's not puzzling over how to bring like-minded entrepreneurs together, you can find him at the local Crossfit gym, or jogging along Berlin's canals.

Feel free to contact Max via his Contact Page​.