028: 5 million users in 5 years


Amir Salihefendic

Amir Salihefndic is a passionate builder of digital products… starting with a spell-checker app which he sold for $10k back in university, to his most successful brain-child today, Todoist, a popular web-app with over 5million users supported by a 50-person team, all 100% self-funded.

Amir’s family came to Denmark from Bosnia as refugees who had lost everything. From an early age he learned 1st-hand what it means to be an entrepreneur, and quickly developed a passion for technology. In this episode we talk about how he grew Todoist from nothing to what it is today.

Listen to Learn:

  • How Amir turned his side-project into a real business
  • The golden rule for building a compelling product
  • Why you should have a paid version of your software product from day 1
  • How Todoist set the price-point for the “To-do list” tools industry (and why you should definitely research price deeply for your product)
  • How Todoist is creating a world-class company culture
  • How to become a learning machine
  • Amir’s 2 simple steps to SHIPPING STUFF
  • What puts Todoist at the forefront of the to-do list market
  • How Todoist acquires new customers
  • The biggest challenge currently facing Todoist, as well as the Task-Manager App industry at large

Idea Donation

  • A Company Wiki that doesn’t suck
  • A Conferencing call solution that doesn’t suck (skype & google hangouts do)
  • Artificial intelligence


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