025: The Authority Hacker's Path To Passive-Income


Gaël Breton

Gaël Breton is a traffic generation and monetization ninja… he consistently finds the most direct and systematic path to building sleek and automated internet based businesses.

Over the years, he’s also become an expert on Niche Authority Sites -> websites that rank organically via SEO, and which automatically spin off upper 5-digit monthly revenues (with extremely high profit margins) like clockwork.

In this episode he shares how he went from working at the bottom rungs of an SEO agency in South East Asia to launching his own agency (higherclick.com), as well as some of the slick “authority hacks” he ran to get HUGE clients right out of the gate.

Towards the end, we also talk about Niche Authority Sites and a simple technique to rapidly boost your social media influencer status.

Listen to Learn:

  • How Gael landed Macys as an SEO client
  • How Gael “authority hacked” his way to delivering an online marketing talk in front of Harvards MBA class
  • How Gael outsourced Health Ambition’s content from day 1
  • Build an Email List & use Opt-in Pop-ups
  • Long Content Trumps Everything (3000 word articles) with cool photos
  • How to harness Pinterest to drive traffic
  • How Gael’s business is 100% automated -> workforce is only involved in growth
  • Gael’s top tools
  • Why Budapest is a great place to HIRE people (and Google & Facebook are starting to recruit there)
  • How Philosophy has contributed to his entrepreneurial success
  • A Cool Social Media Hack to Grow your follower list faster


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