024: From $100k in Drop-Shipping to $30million in Ecommerce & Manufacturing


Joel Lederhause

Joel Lederhause started DiscountRamps.com in 1997 almost by accident, after buying 10 industrial ramps on his credit card. After failing to move the products via his Auto-Repair side-business, he tossed a website up online, and forgot about it.

Within a few months his über-basic site started to rank organically on Alta-Vista. Within 4 years he hit $1 million in turnover, after 8 years $10 million, and when he sold his majority stake in the company in 2013 they were doing just under $30 million in annual sales, debt free, and with a significant inventory.

Listen to Learn:

  • Why a job as a Firefighter is a good platform for bootstrapping businesses
  • Why owning your own sales channel as well as your own manufacturing is critical for market leadership
  • How Joel got credit-card processing WAY before everyone else
  • How Joel got Military and Government contracts to come to HIM
  • Why he ran his own PPC & Print Ads till the end
  • How he motivated his senior staff to keep the company LEAN and efficient
  • How DiscountRamps continued to thrive, even after a severe SEO penalization by Google
  • How he flipped a 4-letter domain name for 12x in 12 months
  • How he beat the drop-shipper market using overseas manufacturing
  • Why domestic manufacturing is coming back to the US (and other countries)
  • The metric he uses to assess his manufacturing company’s efficiency
  • How ADHD and obsessive attention to detail are 2 sides of the same coin
  • The 4 words more entrepreneurs need to follow
  • “Focus on the customer and the money will come”
  • A solid business idea/niche for someone who wants to go into products and manufacturing


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