027: From Solopreneur to Entrepreneur with Virtual Employees from the Philippines


John Jonas

John Jonas is a serial entrepreneur in the internet space. He’s built all sorts of online businesses, from affiliate sites, to marketing tools, to online marketplaces.

In his early days online, he worked his tail off, burning the midnight oil while doing his best to help his wife manage the kids. As a Solopreneur, free-time on his part was basically non-existent. Even with a keen eye towards automation of what worked, if he didn’t do it, it wouldn’t get done.

So logically, he began leveraging a portion of his income into more TIME by outsourcing. After some extremely unproductive experiences, he finally cracked the code to successful outsourcing… and today its his main business.

Listen to Learn

  • How John had his first success with a MMO (Make Money Online) course… one that actually worked!
  • How John cut his teeth with early-days Affiliate marketing tactics
  • How he expanded into creating a competitor research tool for affiliate marketers
  • How he founds and works with his business partnerr
  • His early experiments with outsourcing abroad
  • The 3 surprising reasons the philippines come in 1st
  • How he outsourced the creation of an entire affiliate review site without giving away shares
  • How he got sued by Microsoft
  • His strategy for working with virtual staff vs. freelancers
  • 4 ways to find outsourced employees
  • Techniques for vetting your first virtual hire
  • How to retain rockstar virtual talent
  • 2 key cultural insights to be aware of when working with Philippino VAs
  • The #1 business opportunity for 1st time entrepreneurs (which his son has been using since he was 11)


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