020: Running a 6-figure business on 2.5 hours/week with Moritz Bauer

Moritz Bauer is one of the few guys I know who TRULY lives a 4HWW-style business. Over 2 years he was able to build selbstbewusstsein-staerken.net into a 6-figure business next to his day job. And at this point, he actually only invests about 30min/day, bringing his grand total up to 2.5hours/week.

But it wasn’t always so simple, and Moritz’s journey to find this particular business involved a lot of trial, error, some depressed moments, and other failed businesses along the way. From growing up in a typical German “Mittelstand”-style business, to spending multiple years studying (and constantly switching majors), to trying and failing several times online, Moritz has made a lot of experiences in entrepreneurship.

Listen to Learn:

  • About the german education system and entrepreneurship
  • How Moritz studied 6 different majors before he finally finished 1 of them
  • Why to avoid products with huge customer learning curves
  • Moritz’s experimentations with physical products
  • How he decided to go into 100% digital businesss
  • How Moritz turned his passion into a viable business
  • Start with “buy” – why dry-testing markets is the surest path to profit
  • Why your first business should serve a mass market


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