019: From Corporate Executive To Lifestyle Business Owner

Natalie Sisson has worn many hats in her career.

She started out as an “Intrapreneur” in the corporate world, before she got frustrated by the red tape and sluggish pace of change. So she jumped ship, left her house, job and community of friends in the UK, and moved to Vancouver where she found herself founding a tech company in short order.

That didn’t quite fit the bill either, and within a few years she found herself leaving the tech company to somehow turn her blog into a business.

And a business it is.
Today the “Suitcase Entrepreneur” blog is a 6-figure business which provides Natalie with the perfect platform from which to travel, adventure, and try new things.

Listen to Learn:

  • How she quit her corp jobs to found a startup
  • Why the VC startup thing didn’t work for her
  • How she quit her startup to build her business
  • How she made her 1st sale (with only $17 left on in her bank account)
  • How she would have done things differently (Pre-selling!)
  • How she became an expert
  • Her “Right 2 Freedom” Initiative
  • Her biggest lesson from 8 years as an entrepreneur
  • Why choosing a niche is so important


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Natalie Sisson - November 12, 2015 Reply

Thanks so much for having me and the great questions. Here’s to choosing freedom!

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