026: From Broke in Bali to Online Coaching to Upper-6-figures with Info Products


Sai Blackbyrn

Sai Blackbyrn is founder of doubleyourdatabase, a humming online business-model that combines automated online trainings with “done-for-you” marketing services to offer what he describes as “high-margin products”. Today he does upper-6-figures yearly, but he didn’t always have things this figured out. Just over 3 years ago, he was broke, lining out of a suitcase in Bali with $300, a microphone and a laptop, after having been deported from Australia.

Listen to Learn:

  • How Sai started his first business with virtual currency arbitrage
  • How he got his first investor
  • How he got deported from Australia
  • His first truly location independent business
  • How he went from being a coach to serving coaches
  • How to get a mentor (and what mentor’s are secretly looking for in great mentees) ([27:45])
  • How he went from $11k/month to $11k/day
  • How Sai implemented Bosch’s systems in his business
  • How “high-value” business owners and exectuives act differently from others


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