029: How ThriveThemes.com built a 7-figure subscription software company in 1 year


Shane Melaugh

Shane Melaugh is Owner/Co-Founder of ThriveThemes, a 35 employee, 7-figure turnover international software company. But the story isn’t quite that simple..

To other self-funded founders, the success that Thrive has been having over the past 2 years may seem like an overnight success fairy-tale. But the story starts many years earlier. Shane wasn’t good in school, dropped out of university and found himself working significantly “less-than-desireable”  jobs for a few years.

After a few years he began to find his feet creating and marketing information products, but as a non-technical founder, he was always frustrated with the complexity of building converting pages on WordPress. The idea for the ThriveTheme suite was born from this frustration, and the rest is history.

Listen to Learn:

  • How Shane got his first online product off the ground
  • How he founded SwissMadeMarketing
  • Why he started with WordPress Plugins
  • The huge “Pain Period” that comes before entrepreneurial success
  • Why the “Curse of Knowledge” is the most critical factor to consider for aspiring software entrepreneurs
  • Why Aspiring Software Entrepreneurs should START with selling an ebook.
  • What made Shane move from the Info Product space to Software
  • How Thrive was born
  • ThriveThemes as a response to “Over-Designed” websites that don’t convert
  • How Thrive moves their customers from 1-off purchasers to subscribers
  • Why its so critical that you are able to literally walk up to your potential prospects
  • Shane’s step-by-step product for RAPIDLY acquiring new skills, by riding the “strong-start” wave
  • Team opportunities with Thrive (smart and adaptable marketers + developers)
  • The next-level problems which Shane is looking to get involved in solving in the long-term
  • How Shane deals with perfectionism
  • Why getting in the entrepreneurial game early is critical
  • How Shane creates concise and powerful teaching videos by compartmentalizing ideas
  • How Shane gets an average value of $1-2/visitor on ANY of the pages he owns
  • Why an Info Product is the place to start


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