030: Sales Funnels and Online Tools


Stephen Esketzis

According to Stephen Esketzis every business is at its core a Sales Funnel.

In this episode we explore how Stephen built a 6-figure business from a 200 person email list, by focusing on sales funnels..

Listen to Learn

  • How Stephen got his entrepreneurial start in elementary school
  • His first real venture right out of high-school – a guest-list app
  • How that venture pivoted to a content, then a SaaS platform
  • How he self-taught himself online marketing
  • His guiding question in life “Where do you wanna be when you’re 60 years old?”
  • How he reaches out to people above his level
  • How he used affiliate networks as a research tool for building his first sales funnel
  • Stephen’s Marketing Stack
  • Some insights on building funnels for membership products

Idea Donation

  • Build a membership site + online course for teaching tennis, drive paid facebook traffic to a webinar, and convert customers from there
  • Subscription Sock Company


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